Client: NEN
Agency: Experius

Standard for progress

Good agreements about products, working methods and services are important. When safety is at stake, they are even of vital importance. Just think of toy safety, fire safety, renewable energy or cyber security. Agreements on which different parties agree together, or broadly supported agreements, make international trade, innovation, safety, efficiency and sustainability possible.

NEN, the Foundation of the Royal Dutch Standards Institute, connects parties and stakeholders and ensures that they reach agreements that are recorded in standards and guidelines. This is done in national and/or international standards committees. It also supports the application and use of standards in practice by means of training courses and, for example, practical guides. NEN manages a total of about 30,000 standards.

In the year 2020, the website was outdated and the online portal no longer met users’ wishes. In order to optimize the total package of website, webshop and training courses, NEN was looking for an e-commerce partner who would work with them to make the customer and user experience central.

The new shop is not only about selling, but also about inspiring and informing. is built using Magento Commerce Cloud.

Taking the next step

“The current website was in urgent need of replacement, as we have many online ambitions. Both in terms of technology and content there is a big improvement to be made. “

Edmund Timm, Manager Marketing NEN

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