Beter Bed

Client: Beter Bed
Agency: DearNova

Better sleep, better life.

Beter Bed Holding is a European retail organization that wants its customers to sleep as comfortably and healthily as possible every night, in an affordable manner.
The retail formulas are known for good quality products, better advice, and always the best possible deal. For the two of its formulas in the Benelux, Beter Bed has set a goal in terms of eCommerce and an omnichannel strategy. As part of this strategy, Beter Bed wants to develop a Point Of Sales (POS) App and Configurator.

“Get some sleep,tomorrow is going to be the best day ever!”

The Pitch

In order to arrive at the decision on a partner for successful, multi-year collaboration for the development of the POS App, Beter Bed has asked different parties to make a proposal for a first phase, namely ‘Sprint 0’ or ‘Prototyping’.
During this process, Beter Bed assessed parties on the following components:

  • Collaboration
  • Long-term vision: the POS App as part of omnichannel
  • Prototyping: Design and UX
  • Technology

The POS App

The following functionalities were set up:

  • A catalog
  • A configurator
  • My Beter Bed with a sleep profile, among other things
  • Quotation
  • Orders and cashier processing
  • Returns and service
  • Delivery and assembly options
  • Store management
  • My Branch.


The prototype process was structured as follows:

  • Briefing / Target group exploration
  • UX Quest – Strategy / Vision / Focus / Scope
  • UX Purpose – Userstory
  • UX Design – Design
  • Presentation and Checklist Technology and Organization

I personally came up with the “day and night”, “light/dark” concept, where the dark part stands for the night and sleep advice and the light part stands for the day, the catalog, and shopping advice. I also supported the strategy team, led the design, front-end, and prototyping team, and was actively involved in various hands-on work.

After an extensive briefing, three workshops, quite a few hours of consulting, technical research, UI/UX, Visual Design, and Front-end, we won the pitch. Obviously!

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